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Pre-season preparation

By Jonhenry Wilson on 17 Aug 2016
We'll get underway soon and, as always, are happy to welcome new members. Get in contact with Jonhenry Wilson on for more info.

Cheers, Byron van der Merwe

By Jonhenry Wilson on 17 Aug 2016
Byron van der Merwe has taken the decision to leave the club. A long-serving member, Byron will be genuinely missed. All the best, mate.

Farewell, Adam Rouse

By Jonhenry Wilson on 17 Aug 2016
Overseas professional Adam Rouse won't rejoin CTCC this season - for reasons vast and varied. We wish Adam all the best at Kent and others.

The boys are back from abroad

By Jonhenry Wilson on 17 Aug 2016
Cape Town Cricket Club are looking forward to the  return of Mathew Goles, Kyle Verreynne and Geoff Dods from their stints in the UK during the...

England Cricket Tour of South Africa with Cape Town Cricket Club

By Jonhenry Wilson on 28 Jun 2015
Cape Town – Local premier league cricket club and the second oldest club in South Africa, Cape Town Cricket Club, is offering various...

Empire, War and the England Cricket Tour to South Africa 2015

By Jonhenry Wilson on 28 Jun 2015
Cape Town – Author, lecturer and historian, Dr. Dean Allen, who recently launched his book, Empire, War and Cricket in South Africa has...

How SA’s IPL dropouts fared

By Jonhenry Wilson on 17 May 2015
17 South Africans started the 2015 Indian Premier League, but less than half are left after the group stage. How did the eight Protea dropouts...

An Invitation from CTCC

By Saugé McLaughlin on 07 Apr 2014
We see you on the site, we know you are there, and that you visit from all over the world, but we would dearly love to hear from you or even get a...

Please "Like" Us

By Saugé McLaughlin on 19 Mar 2014
I have added a Facebook "like" button to the bottom of every page on the site, so there is no excuse not to use it :-) We love you, so...


By Saugé McLaughlin on 19 Mar 2014
New Page - Fun (suggestions for a better name welcome) Do you remember the newsletters that I used to send out?  If so,...