On: 19 Mar 2014
New Page - Fun (suggestions for a better name welcome)
Do you remember the newsletters that I used to send out?  If so, and you miss them, this will be the page for you. 

It will be just like the newsletter but without the serious stuff like results and stuff that the rest of the site has dealt with already.  Here is just fun, curious, entertaining, and interesting stuff for you. 

This week's fun page is a little sparse, but as I go along, I will hopefully find lots of interesting things for you. 

Best yet, all the editions of the fun pages (updated weekly) will always be available for you to see. So if you miss an edition, then you can find it in the list of past fun pages. 
There will be new editions weekly whether we are in cricket season or not

New Features - Facebook commenting. 

Now you can comment on selected pages around the site using Facebook.  No need to register or login.  Feel free to comment away, we love to see your comments.

New Feature - YouTube Channel subscription
If you want to subscribe to the CTCC YouTube Channel, then use the button on the Videos page.